(Adopted May 6, 1977)(Amended February 1, 1980)(Amended April 4, 1980)
(Amended July 11,1980)


The following actions shall be taken in the affected source and receptor areas upon the Executive Officer's announcement of either a predicted or attained first-stage episode:

(a) The notification required by Rule 706.

(b) Advise the public that those individuals with special health problems should follow the precautions recommended by their physicians and health officials.

(c) Notify school officials that the California Air Pollution Emergency Plan requires the district to advise them "...that strenuous activities by students must be discontinued. This action may be limited to outdoor activities." Such actions shall only apply to those source or receptor areas that attain the episode(s).

(d) By means of recorded telephone messages, the Executive Officer shall notify members of the public who telephone the District's Zone offices.

(e) Persons required to submit plans under Rules 708.1 and/or 708.3 shall implement the appropriate approved plans as specified in Rule 708(b) and (c).

(f) Request the public to stop all unnecessary driving.

(g) Request the public to operate all privately-owned vehicles on a pool basis.