(Adopted May 6, 1977)(Amended April 4, 1980)


(a) Upon request of an air pollution control officer of an air pollution control district within the Southeast Desert Air Basin or the South Central Air Basin for action to abate episodes occurring within that district, the Executive Officer shall make a determination as to any significant source area within the geographical limits of the District and the episode stage, if any, to be declared in such source area. After such determination, and the need for action is confirmed, the Executive Officer shall direct the implementation of the action required in Rules 709, 710, 711, or 712 for any significant source area identified within the District.

(b) Within one hour of the receipt of the request for abatement actions specified in Rule 713(a), or as soon thereafter as reasonably possible, the Executive Officer shall report to the requesting air pollution control district the actions being taken to reduce air contaminant emissions from the source within his jurisdiction.