(a) After completion of the performance test required under Rule 260.8, the owner or operator of any affected facility using waterborne ink systems or solvent-borne ink systems with solvent recovery systems shall record the amount of solvent and water used, solvent recovered, and estimated emission percentage for each performance averaging period and shall maintain these records for 2 years. The emission percentage is estimated as follows:

  1.  The performance averaging period for monitoring of proper operation and maintenance is a calendar month or 4 consecutive weeks, at the option of the owner or operator.
  2. If affected facilities share the same raw ink storage/handling system with existing facilities, solvent and water used, solvent recovered, and emission percentages for the combined facilities may be documented. Separate emission percentages for only the affected facilities are not required in this case. The combined emission percentage is compared to the overall average for the existing and affected facilities' emission percentage determined during the most recent performance test.
  3. Except as provided in Subsection (a)(4) of this rule, temperatures and liquid densities determined during the most recent performance test are used to calculate corrected volumes and mass quantities.
  4. The owner or operator may choose to measure temperatures for determination of actual liquid densities during each performance averaging period. A different base temperature may be used for each performance averaging period if desired by the owner or operator.
  5. The emission percentage is calculated according to the procedures under Rule 260.433(b) through (g), whichever applies, or by a comparable calculation which compares the total solvent recovered to the total solvent used at the affected facility.