(Rev. Effective 11/3/92)

(a) For all affected facilities subject to compliance with Rule 260.442, the performance test data and results from the performance test shall be submitted to the Control Officer as specified in Rule 260.8 (a) of the General Provisions (40 CFR Part 60, Subpart A).

(b) Following the initial performance test, the owner or operator of each affected facility shall submit quarterly reports, as specified in Rule 260.7(c), to the Control Officer of exceedances of the VOC emission limits specified in Rule 260.442. If no such exceedances occur during a particular quarter, a report stating this shall be submitted to the Control Officer semiannually.

(c) The owner or operator of each affected facility shall also submit reports semiannually to the Control Officer when the incinerator temperature drops as defined under Rule 260.443(e). If no such periods occur, the owner or operator shall state this in the report.

(d) The requirements of this rule shall remain in force until and unless EPA, the delegating enforcement authority to a State under Section 111(c) of the Act, approves reporting requirements or an alternative means of compliance surveillance adopted by such States. In that event, affected sources within the State will be relieved of the obligation to comply with this rule, provided that they comply with the requirements established by the State.