(a) The test methods in Appendix A to this Regulation, except as provided under Rule 260.8(b), shall be used to determine compliance with Rule 260.542(a) as follows:

  1.  Method 24 or formulation data for the determination of the VOC content of cements or green tire spray materials. In the event of dispute, Method 24 shall be the reference method. For Method 24, the cement or green tire spray sample shall be a 1-liter sample collected in a 1-liter container at a point where the sample will be representative of the material as applied in the affected facility.
  2. Method 25 as the reference method for the determination of the VOC concentrations in each stack, both entering and leaving an emission control device. The owner or operator shall notify the Control Officer 30 days in advance of any test by Method 25. For Method 25, the sampling time for each of three runs shall be at least 1-hour. Method 1 shall be used to select the sampling site, and the sampling point shall be the centroid of the duct or at a point no closer to the walls than 1 meter. The minimum sample volume shall be 0.003 dry standard cubic meter (dscm) except the shorter sampling times or smaller volumes, when necessitated by process variables or other factors may be approved by the Control Officer.
  3. Method 2, 2A, 2C, or 2D, as appropriate, as the reference method for determination of the flow rate of the stack gas. The measurement site shall be the same as for Method 25 sampling. A velocity traverse shall be made once per run within the hour that the Method 25 sample is taken.
  4. Method 4 for determination of stack gas moisture.


(a)    In delegating implementation and enforcement authority to a State under Section 111(c) of the Act, the authorities contained in Paragraph (b) of this Section shall be retained by the Administrator and not transferred to a State.

(b)    Authority which will not be delegated to States: Section 60.543(c)(2)(ii)(B).