All terms used in this subpart, not defined below, are given the same meaning as in the Act or in Subpart A of this Regulation.

(a) "Emission Control Device" means any solvent recovery or solvent destruction device used to control volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions from flexible vinyl and urethane rotogravure printing lines.

(b) "Emission Control System" means the combustion of an emission control device and a vapor capture system for the purposes of reducing VOC emissions from flexible vinyl and urethane rotogravure printing lines.

(c) "Flexible Vinyl and Urethane Products" means those products, except for resilient floor coverings (1977 Standard Industry Code 3996) and flexible packaging, that are more than 50 micrometers (0.002 inches) thick, and that consist of or contain a vinyl or urethane sheet or a vinyl or urethane coated web.

(d) "Gravure Cylinder" means a plated cylinder with a printing image consisting of minute cells or indentations, specifically engraved or etched into the cylinder's surface to hold ink when continuously revolved through a fountain of ink.

(e) "Ink" means any mixture of ink, coating solids, organic solvents including dilution solvent, and water that is applied to the web of flexible vinyl or urethane on a rotogravure printing line.

(f) "Ink Solids" means the solids content of an ink as determined by Reference Method 24, ink manufacturer's formulation data, or plant blending records.

(g) "Inventory System" means a method of physically accounting for the quantity of ink, solvent, and solids used at one or more affected facilities during a time period. The system is based on plant purchase or inventory records.

(h) "Plant Blending Records" means those records which document the weight fraction of organic solvents and solids used in the formulation or preparation of inks at the vinyl or urethane printing plant where they are used.

(i) "Rotogravure Print Station" means any device designed to print or coat inks on one side of a continuous web or substrate using the intaglio printing process with a gravure cylinder.

(j) "Rotogravure Printing Line" means any number of rotogravure print stations and associated dryers capable of printing or coating simultaneously on the same continuous vinyl or urethane web or substrate, which is fed from a continuous roll.

(k) "Vapor Capture System" means any device or combination of devices designed to contain, collect, and route organic solvent vapors emitted from the flexible vinyl or urethane rotogravure printing line.