(a) For all affected facilities subject to compliance with Rule 260.582, the performance test data and results from the performance test shall be submitted to the Control Officer as specified in Rule 260.8(a).

(b) The owner or operator of each affected facility shall submit semiannual reports to the Control Officer of occurrences of the following:

  1. Exceedances of the weighted average VOC content specified in Rule 260.582(a)(1);
  2. Exceedances of the average value of the exhaust vent VOC concentration as defined under Rule 260.584(a)( 2);
  3. Drops in the incinerator temperature as defined in Rule 260.584(b)(2); and
  4. Drops in the average temperature of the gas stream immediately before the catalyst bed or drops in the average temperature across the catalyst bed as defined under Rule 260.584(c)(2).

(c) The reports required under Section (b) of this rule shall be postmarked within 30 days following the end of the second and fourth calendar quarters.

(d) The requirements of this subpart remain in force until and unless EPA, in delegating enforcement authority to the District under Section 111(C) of the Act, approves reporting requirements or an alternative means of compliance surveillance adopted by the District. In that event, affected sources within the District will be relieved of the obligation to comply with this subpart, provided that they comply with requirements established by the District.