(a) Within 60 days after achieving the maximum production rate at which the affected facility will be operated, but not later than 180 days after initial startup of such facility and at such other times as may be required by the Control Officer, the owner or operator of such facility shall conduct performance test(s) and furnish the Control Officer a written report of the results of such performance test(s). The Control Officer may, at his option, conduct the required performance test(s).

(b) Performance tests shall be conducted and data reduced in accordance with the test methods and procedures contained in each applicable subpart unless; (1) the Control Officer specifies or approves, in specific cases, the use of a reference method with minor changes in methodology, (2) the Administrator approves the use of an equivalent method, (3) the Administrator approves the use of an alternative method the results of which he has determined to be adequate for indicating whether a specific source is in compliance, or (4) the Control Officer waives the requirement for performance tests because the owner or operator of a source has demonstrated by other means to the Control Officer's satisfaction that the affected facility is in compliance with the standard.

(c) Performance tests shall be conducted under such conditions as the Control Officer shall specify to the plant operator based on representative performance of the affected facility. The owner or operator shall make available to the Control Officer such records as may be necessary to determine the conditions of the performance tests. Operations during periods of startup, shutdown, and malfunction shall not constitute representative conditions of performance tests unless otherwise specified in the applicable standard.

(d) The owner or operator of an affected facility shall provide the Control Officer 30 days prior notice of the performance test to afford the Control Officer the opportunity to have an observer present.

(e) The owner or operator of an affected facility shall provide, or cause to be provided, performance testing facilities as follows:

  1. Sampling ports adequate for test methods applicable to such facility.
  2. Safe sampling platform(s).
  3. Safe access to sampling platform(s).
  4. Utilities for sampling and testing equipment.

(f) Each performance test shall consist of three separate runs using the applicable test method. Each run shall be conducted for the time and under the conditions as specified in the applicable standard. For the purpose of determining compliance with an applicable standard, the arithmetic means of results of the three runs shall apply. In the event that a sample is accidentally lost or conditions occur in which one of the three runs must be discontinued because of forced shutdown, failure of an irreplaceable portion of the sample train, extreme meteorological conditions, or other circumstances, beyond the owner or operator's control, compliance may, upon the Control Officer's approval, be determined using the arithmetic means of the results of the two other runs.