(Delegation Effective 11/8/76)

Terms used in this subpart are defined in Subpart A of this Regulation, or in this rule as follows:

(a) "Beryllium" means the element beryllium. Where weights or concentrations are specified, such weights or concentrations apply to beryllium only, excluding the weight or concentration of any associated elements.

(b) "Extraction Plant" means a facility chemically processing beryllium ore to beryllium metal, alloy, or oxide, or performing any of the intermediate steps in these processes.

(c) "Beryllium Ore" means any naturally occurring material mined or gathered for its beryllium content.

(d) "Machine Shop" means a facility performing cutting, grinding, turning, honing, milling, deburring, lapping, electrochemical machining, etching, or other similar operations.

(e) "Ceramic Plant" means a manufacturing plant producing ceramic items.

(f) "Foundry" means a facility engaged in the melting or casting of beryllium metal or alloy.

(g) "Beryllium-Containing Waste" means material contaminated with beryllium and/or beryllium compounds used or generated during any process or operation performed by a source subject to this subpart.

(h) "Incinerator" means any furnace used in the process of burning waste for the primary purpose of reducing the volume of the waste by removing combustible matter.

(i) "Propellant" means a fuel and oxidizer physical or chemically combined which undergoes combustion to provide rocket propulsion.

(j) "Beryllium Alloy" means any metal to which beryllium has been added in order to increase its beryllium content and which contains more than 0.1 percent beryllium by weight.

(k) "Propellant Plant" means any facility engaged in the mixing, casting, or machining of propellant.