(Rev. Effective 3/27/90)

A person shall not burn any combustible refuse in any open outdoor fire within the Western Section of the Air Pollution Control District of San Diego County except as provided below:

(a) When such fire is set under permit to train public or industrial employees in the methods of fighting fires, provided, however, that no person shall burn liquid fuel for training purposes on more than one day in any 30-day period.

(b) When in the opinion of any public fire prevention officer such fire is necessary for prevention of a fire hazard, reasonable access by light-duty truck to the bulk of the material constituting the hazard is unavailable, and provided the necessary burning permit has been obtained.

(c) When such fire is set to dispose of the unprocessed vegetative waste material remaining from an agricultural operation the products of which have an annual wholesale value of $500 or more, including the burning of grass and weeds in or adjacent to fields in cultivation or being prepared for cultivation, or to dispose of diseased crops were there is no other practicable means of disposal.

(d) When such fire is set by or under the supervision of official governmental agencies administering formal programs for wildland vegetation management burning or forest management burning or range improvement burning or disease or pest prevention. Copies of such programs shall be made available to the Air Pollution Control Officer, and annual summaries of activities for the past year and forecasts for next year's activities shall be made available to the Air Pollution Control Officer upon request. If the range improvement burning is to be done primarily for improvement of land for wildlife and game habitat, the applicant shall file a statement with the Air Pollution Control Officer as part of his burning application from the Department of Fish and Game certifying that the burn is desirable and proper.