LAST REVISED 01/01/89          
          RULE 2.1  Permits Required

          A. Authority to Construct
             Except   as  provided  in  Rule  2.2.,  any  person  building,
             erecting,   altering   or   replacing  any  article,  machine,
             equipment or other contrivance, or multi-component system, the
             use of which may cause the issuance  of  air  contaminants, or
             which  may  eliminate, reduce or control the issuance  of  air
             contaminants,  shall  first  obtain  written authorization for
             such construction from the Control Officer.

          B. Permit to Operate
             Except  as  provided  in  Rule  2.1.F.,  before  any  article,
             machine,  equipment  or other contrivance, or  multi-component
             system, described in Rule  2.1.A.  may  be operated or used, a
             written  permit  shall be obtained from the  Control  Officer.
             For  any article, machine,  equipment,  or  other  contrivance
             subject  to  Rule  2.13,  the  requirements of Rule 2.13 shall
             augment  and take precedence over  conflicting  administrative
             requirements   of   other   provisions   in  these  Rules  and
             Regulations.   No Permit to Operate or Use  shall  be  granted
             either by the Control  Officer  or  the  Hearing Board for any
             article,  machine,  equipment, or contrivance  constructed  or
             installed without authorization  as  required  by  Rule 2.1.A,
             until  the  information  required  is presented to the Control
             Officer and such article, machine, equipment or contrivance is
             altered, if necessary, and made to conform  to  the  standards
             set forth in these regulations.

          C. Posting of Permit to Operate
             A person who has been granted a Permit to Operate any article,
             machine,  equipment,  or other contrivance shall display  such
             Permit to Operate, or an  approved facsimile, in such a manner
             as to be clearly visible and  accessible.   In  the event that
             the  Permit  to Operate cannot be so displayed the  Permit  to
             Operate shall  be maintained readily available at all times on
             the operating premises.

          D. Alteration of Permit
             A person shall not willfully deface, alter, forge, counterfeit
             or falsify any permit as defined in Rule 1.2.

          E. Existing Sources
             Any existent source of air contaminant emissions, operating on
             or before January 1, 1987, shall apply for a Permit to Operate
             within 30 days of written notification by the Control Officer.
             Such  permit  shall   be  subject  to  fees  as  specified  in
             Regulation III.

          F. Temporary Permit to Operate
             Before  operating or using  any  new  or  modified  stationary
             source for  which  an  Authority  to Construct has been issued
             pursuant to the provisions of these regulations, the applicant
             shall  notify  the  Control  Officer in  writing.   Upon  such
             notification, the Authority to construct or modify shall serve
             as a Temporary Permit for Operation of the equipment until the
             Permit to Operate is granted or denied.

          G. New Source Siting
             All  new  stationary  sources and  modifications  to  existing
             stationary sources, including  power  plants  and cogeneration
             and resource recovery projects, with a net emissions  increase
             of  air  contaminants  that would exceed the limits stated  in
             Rule 6.1.B. shall be subject  to  the provisions of Regulation

                                      * * * * *