LAST REVISED 01/01/89          
          RULE 2.10  Further Information

          In  order  to determine the nature, extent, quantity or degree of
          air contaminants  which are or may be, discharged by a stationary
          source, the Control  Officer  may  at  any  time require from any
          person subject to these regulations all of the following:

          A. Analysis, plans, specifications and data on  the  process  and
             production   rate,   equipment   descriptions  and  any  other
             information needed.

          B. Facilities  for sampling and testing  purposes.   The  Control
             Officer shall identify in writing the size and location of the
             sampling platform.   All  facilities  shall  be constructed in
             accordance  with  the  General Industry Safety Orders  of  the
             State of California.

          C. Testing to determine the emissions of air contaminants.

          D. Continuous monitoring equipment  to  measure  and  record  the
             source operating condition and/or contaminant emissions.

          The  Control officer may require that the disclosures required by
          this rule  be  certified by a professional engineer registered by
          the State of California.   The cost of providing such information
          shall be paid by the applicant or permit holder.

                                      * * * * *