LAST REVISED 01/01/89          
          RULE 2.11  Monitoring Requirements

          A. Any  applicant  or  permit  holder  subject  to the monitoring
             requirements  of Rule 2.10 shall provide, install,  calibrate,
             maintain  and  operate   continuous  measuring  and  recording
             equipment as specified by the Control Officer.

          B. Measuring  instruments  shall   meet   minimum   standards  of
             measurement  accuracy,  calibration  procedure and calibration
             frequency as specified by the Control Officer.

          C. The recording section of such measuring  instruments  shall be
             installed   in   a   location  subject  to  frequent  operator
             surveillance or be equipped with suitable alarm devices.

          D. The information recorded  shall  be summarized and reported to
             the  District  in the manner and form  as  prescribed  by  the
             Control Officer.

          E. Monitoring records shall be retained by the owner for a period
             of not less than two years.

          F. District personnel  shall  inspect  and confirm calibration of
             measuring instruments, as necessary.

          G. Any  violation of an emission standard,  ambient  air  quality
             standard,  or  breakdown  of  emission  measuring instruments,
             shall  be  reported  to  the District in accordance  with  the
             provisions of Rule 2.12, Equipment Breakdown.

                                      * * * * *