LAST REVISED 01/01/89          
          RULE 2.2  Exemptions

          An  Authority  to  Construct  or a Permit to Operate shall not be
          required for the following sources;  provided  that  said sources
          are  not  subject  to  the requirements of Rule 2.13 and provided
          that said sources shall  comply  with  all other applicable rules
          and regulations:

          A. Vehicles  as  defined  by the Vehicle Code  of  the  State  of
             California, but not including  any article, machine, equipment
             or  other  contrivance  mounted on  such  vehicle  that  would
             otherwise require a permit under the provisions of these rules
             and regulations.

          B. Equipment  utilized  exclusively   in   connection   with  any
             structure designed for and used exclusively as a dwelling  for
             not more than four families.

          C. Single  chambered  incinerators  used exclusively to burn less
             than fifty pounds per day of approved combustibles.

          D. Outdoor recreational and cooking fires to include barbecues.

          E. Any equipment used in agricultural  operations  in the growing
             of crops or the raising of fowl or animals.

          F. Steam  generators,  water  boilers,  water  heaters, or  space
             heaters having an input heating value of less  than  5 million
             BTU per hour and which are fired exclusively with one  of  the
            1. Natural gas.
            2. Liquefied petroleum gas.
            3. Distillate fuel oil.
            4. Any combination of items 1, 2, and 3.

          G.Containers, reservoirs, or tanks used exclusively for:
            1. Storage of liquefied gases.
            2. The  storage  of  fuel  used  primarily  for  implements  of
            3. The storage of lubricating oils.
            4.  The storage of gasoline and fuel oils and having a capacity
                of  20,000  gallons  or less, provided that a permit may be
                required for any bulk  plant  and  for  any  retail service
                station subject to Rule 8.1.

          H. Repairs or maintenance not involving structural changes to any
             equipment for which a permit has been granted.

          I. Any  article,  machine,  equipment or other contrivance  which
             emits air contaminants below  the significance level and which
             the Control Officer determines should be exempted.

                                      * * * * *