LAST REVISED 01/01/89          
          RULE 2.4  Applications

          A. Applications
             Every  application  for an Authority to Construct or Permit to
             Operate shall be filed  in  the  manner and form prescribed by
             the  Control  Officer  and  shall  give  all  the  information
             necessary  to  enable  the  Control  Officer   to   make   the
             determination required by these regulations.

          B. Complete Applications
             The  Control Officer shall determine whether an application is
             complete   not  later  than  30  days  after  receipt  of  the
             application  or  after  such longer time as both the applicant
             and the Control Officer may  agree.   If  the  Control Officer
             determines that the application is not complete, the applicant
             shall  be  notified in writing of the decision specifying  the
             information  required.  Upon receipt of any resubmittal of the
             application, a  new  30-day  period  to determine completeness
             shall  begin.   Completeness  of  an  application   shall   be
             evaluated  on  the  basis  of  the  List/Criteria set forth in
             Appendix  A.   Upon  determination  that  the  application  is
             complete, the Control Officer shall notify  the  applicant  in
             writing.   The  Control  Officer may, during the processing of
             the application, request an  applicant  to  clarify,  amplify,
             correct, or otherwise supplement the information submitted  in
             the   application.    Within  180  days  after  accepting  the
             application as complete,  the Control Officer shall take final
             action to grant or deny the application.

                                      * * * * *