LAST REVISED 07/11/89          
          RULE 2.6  Standards for Granting Application

          The  Control  Officer  shall  deny  an  Authority to Construct or
          Permit  to  Operate,  except  as provided in  Rule  2.7,  if  the
          applicant does not show that such stationary source:

          A. Is  so  designed, controlled,  or  equipped  that  it  may  be
             expected  to  operate  in compliance with all applicable rules
             and regulations and applicable  provision  of  the  Health and
             Safety Code pertaining to the emission of air contaminants.

          B. Provides    adequate   facilities   for   sampling,   emission
             monitoring, and  reporting  procedures  as  specified  by  the
             Control Officer.

          C. Has  been  constructed  or  modified  in  accordance  with the
             Authority to Construct.

          D. Will   not   prevent   the   attainment,  interfere  with  the
             maintenance, or cause a violation  of  any  state  or national
             ambient  air quality standard, nor interfere with the  control
             strategy contained  in  the  State  of  California Air Quality
             Implementation Plan.

          E. Will not result in air contaminant emissions  in excess of the
             allowable standards established by the EPA for  new stationary
             sources  subject  to federal New Source Performance  Standards
             (NSPS)  or  National  Emission  Standards  for  Hazardous  Air
             Pollutants (NESHAPS).   NOTE:  The  variance  provision of the
             California Health and Safety Code do not apply  to  Sources or
             emissions subject to the requirements of NSPS or NESHAPS.

          F. Will  comply  with all the requirements of Regulation VI,  New
             Source Siting.

                                      * * * * *