LAST REVISED 01/01/89          
          RULE 5.10  Orders for Abatement

          A.   The  District  Board  or the Hearing Board may, after notice
               and a hearing, issue an  Order  for  Abatement  whenever  it
               finds  that  any  person is in violation of Section 41700 or
               41701 of the California  Health  and  Safety Code, or of any
               order,  rule,  or  regulation prohibiting  or  limiting  the
               discharge of air contaminants into the air.  In holding such
               a hearing, the district  board  shall be vested with all the
               powers and duties of the Hearing Board.

          B.   The order for abatement shall be  framed  in the manner of a
               writ of injunction requiring the respondent  to refrain from
               a particular act.  The order may be conditional  and require
               a respondent to refrain from a particular act unless certain
               conditions are met.  The order shall not have the  effect of
               permitting  a  variance  unless  all  the  conditions for  a
               variance, including limitation of time, are met.

                                      * * * * *