LAST REVISED 01/01/89          
          RULE 5.11  Appeal of Decision

          A.   Judicial  review  may  be  had  of a decision of the Hearing
               Board  by  filing  a  petition  for a  writ  of  mandate  in
               accordance  with  the  provisions  of   the  Code  of  Civil
               Procedure.  Except as otherwise provided  in  this rule, any
               such  petition shall be filed within thirty days  after  the
               decision  has  been mailed.  The right to petition shall not
               be affected by the  failure  to  seek a rehearing before the
               Hearing Board.

          B.   The  complete  record  of  the proceedings,  or  such  parts
               thereof  as  are  designated by  the  petitioner,  shall  be
               prepared by the Hearing  Board and shall be delivered to the
               petitioner within thirty days  of the request.  Payment of a
               fee not to exceed the cost of preparing such records must be
               made at the time of the request.

          C.   Where the petitioner, within ten  days after the last day on
               which a rehearing can be ordered, requests the Hearing Board
               to prepare all or any part of the record,  the  time  within
               which  a  petition  may be filed shall be extended five days
               after its delivery to  him/her.   The Hearing Board may file
               with the court the original of any document in the record in
               lieu of a copy thereof.

          D.   In any proceeding pursuant to this  rule,  the  court  shall
               receive  in  evidence  any order, rule, or regulation of the
               district board, any transcript of the proceedings before the
               Hearing Board, and such  further  evidence  as the court, in
               its discretion, deems proper.

                                      * * * * *