LAST REVISED 01/01/89          
          RULE 5.8  Interim Variance

          Any  person  who  has submitted an application for a variance and
          who  desires  to  commence  or  continue  operation  pending  the
          decision of the Hearing  Board  on the application, may submit an
          application for an interim variance.   The  Hearing  Officer  may
          hear  the  application for an interim variance.  If any member of
          the public contests  a  decision  made  by  any one member of the
          Hearing  Board,  the  application shall be reheard  by  the  full
          Hearing Board within ten days of this decision.

          A.   An interim variance may be granted for good causes stated in
               the order Granting such a variance.

          B.   The interim variance  shall  not be valid beyond the date of
               the decision of the Hearing Board  on the application or for
               more  than  ninety days from the date  of  issuance  of  the
               interim variance, whichever comes first.

          C.   The Hearing Board shall not grant any interim variance:

               1.   After it  has  held  a  hearing  in compliance with the
                    requirements of Rule 5.4, or

               2.   Which is being sought to avoid the  notice  of  hearing
                    requirement of Rule 5.4.

                                      * * * * *