LAST REVISED 01/01/89          
          RULE 6.2  Standards for Permits to Operate

          A. General
             The Control Officer shall deny a permit to operate for any new
             or  modified stationary source or any portion thereof to which
             Rule 6.1 applies unless:
            1.  The  owner  or operator of the source has obtained a permit
                to construct granted pursuant to Rule 6.1; and
            2.  The Control Officer  has determined that the source and any
                sources which provide  offsets have been constructed and/or
                modified   to  operate,  and   emit   quantities   of   air
                contaminants,  consistent  with  the  conditions imposed on
                their respective permits.
            3.  Conditions  imposed  on  the permit to construct  are  also
                included on the permit to operate to ensure compliance with
                these rules.

          B. Exemptions
             The Control Officer shall exempt  from  the provisions of this
             rule  any  stationary source which is a continuing  operation,
             without modification or change in operating conditions, when a
             permit to operate is required solely because of permit renewal
             or change of ownership.

          C. Definitions
             The definitions  contained  in Rule 6.1 shall be applicable to
             this rule.

          D. Severability
             If any portion of this rule is found to be unenforceable, such
             finding shall have not effect  on  the  enforceability  of the
             remaining  portions of the rule which shall continue to be  in
             full force and effect.

                                      * * * * *