LAST REVISED 07/11/89          
            RULE 7.2  Notification of Burning Conditions

            A.  A  notice  as  to whether the following day is a permissive-
                burn day, or a no-burn day, or  whether the decision will be 
                announced the following day, shall be provided  by  the  
                Board  at 3:00 p.m. daily.  If the decision is made the 
                following day it shall be announced  by  7:45  a.m.  Such 
                notices shall  be  based  on  meteorological criteria for 
                regulating  agricultural burning.

            B.  Agricultural burning is prohibited on no-burn days, except as 
                specified in Rule 7.3, and in Rule 7.5.

            C.  Upon request from a permittee  through  a designated agency, 
                seven days in advance of a specific range improvement burn,  
                forest  management burn, or wildland  vegetative  management 
                burn, at any elevation below  6,000  feet (msl), a 
                permissive-burn  or no-burn notice will be issued by the 
                Board up to 48 hours prior to the date  scheduled  for  the  
                burn.  Without further request, a daily notice will continue 
                to be issued until a permissive-burn notice is issued.

            D.  Notwithstanding Subdivision C of this section, the State  
                Board may cancel permissive-burn  notices  that  have  been  
                issued more than 24  hours  in advance if the cancellation 
                is necessary to maintain suitable air quality.

            E.  A permissive-burn or no-burn advisory outlook  will  be 
                available up to 72 hours in advance of burns specified in 
                Subdivision C of this section.

                                     * * * * *