LAST REVISED 01/01/89          
            RULE 7.3  Exceptions

            A.  Open  burning  in  agricultural  operations  in  the  growing 
                of crops, or raising  of fowl or animals, or disease and 
                pest prevention  at  altitudes above 3,000  feet  mean  sea  
                level  (msl) is exempt from the Agricultural Burning 
                Implementation Plan.

            B.  Agricultural  burning in areas at altitudes  above  6,000  
                feet  (msl)  is exempt from the Agricultural Burning 
                Implementation Plan.

            C.  Burning of agricultural  related items, such as empty 
                pesticide containers and fertilizer bags, may be  permitted  
                by  the Control Officer on no-burn days.  Burning will be 
                done in accordance with stated burning preparations
                and consideration for fire danger.

            D.  The Control Officer may allow, by special permit,  
                agricultural burning on a  no-burn  day  if  denial  of  
                such permit would threaten  imminent  and substantial 
                economic loss.  The applicant  shall  submit  in writing, on 
                a form provided, his or her reasons for the exception.  The 
                Control  Officer shall  limit  the  amount  of  acreage  to  
                be burned by special permit on no-burn days and only 
                authorize burning when  downwind  metropolitan areas are 
                forecasted by the Board to achieve the ambient air quality 
                                    * * * * *