LAST REVISED 01/01/89          
            RULE 7.4  Enforcement

            A.  No  person  shall  knowingly set or permit any open burning 
                operation on a no-burn day.

            B.  Penalty  Any  violation  of  this  Regulation  shall  be  
                subject  to  the enforcement procedures  specified in 
                Rule 1.4 plus the cost of putting out the fire.  Every day 
                during  any  portion  of  which such violation occurs
                constitutes a separate offense.

            C.  Procedures for processing violations of these regulations:
              1.   Obtain all pertinent information for report: name, 
                   address, location of burn,  material,  wind  direction,  
                   description  of   fire  and  smoke, statements made by 
                   subject, witnesses, photos if possible.
              2.   Issue citation to appear or notice of violation, at the  
                   discretion  of the enforcement officer.

                                       * * * * *