LAST REVISED 01/01/89          
            RULE 7.5-2  Prohibitions: Range Improvement Burning

            A.  Between  January  1 and May 31, range improvement burning may 
                be conducted by permit on a NO-BURN-DAY,  providing  that 
                more than 50% of the land has been brush treated.  If the 
                burn is to be  done  primarily for improvement of wildlife or 
                game habitat, the Department of Fish & Game may specify the
                amount  of brush treatment required.  Notwithstanding  the  
                provisions  in Subdivision  A  of  this  section the Board 
                may prohibit range improvement burning during the period 
                designated by the District, if in the opinion of the Board, 
                such prohibition  is  required  for the maintenance of 
                suitable air quality.

            B.  If  the  burning  is  to  be done primarily for improvement  
                of  land  for wildlife and game habitat,  no permit shall be 
                issued unless the applicant has filed with the District a  
                statement  from  the Department of Fish and Game, certifying 
                that the burn is desirable and proper.

            C.  The  brush  shall  be treated at least six months prior  to  
                the  burn  if economically and technically feasible.

                                      * * * * *