LAST REVISED 01/01/89          
            RULE 7.5-3  Prohibitions: Wildland Vegetation Management Burning

            A.  This  rule  shall  apply  to  all  burning  which  meets the 
                definition of wildland vegetation management burning, 
                regardless of whether such burning also meets another 
                definition in Rule 7.1-A.

            B.  All projects which exceed 50 acres or which require  burning  
                of more than 3,000  tons  or  which  are within 5 miles of 
                any sensitive receptor  area shall provide the following  
                information  to  the  District for review and approval in 
                advance of any burning (may be submitted  in a Prescribed 
                Burn Plan):

              1.   Location and specific objectives of the burn project;

              2.   Acreage or tonnage, type, and arrangement of vegetation 
                   to be burned;

              3.   Directions and distances to nearby sensitive receptor 

              4.   Fuel  condition,  combustion, and meteorological 
                   prescription  elements developed for the project;

              5.   Projected schedule  and  duration  of project ignition, 
                   combustion, and burndown;

              6.   Specifications for monitoring and verifying critical 
                   project parameters; and

              7.   Specifications for disseminating project information.

            C.  Should a fire control agency desire to  allow  accidentally  
                or  naturally ignited  fires  to continue to burn for a 
                specific objective, a burn  plan shall be prepared  in  
                advance.   The burn plan shall contain the criteria which 
                will be used in making the decision to allow the fire to 
                continue to burn and shall address the following 
                1.   As  soon as practicable after deciding  to  allow  an  
                     accidentally  or naturally  ignited  fire  to  burn, 
                     the responsible fire control agency shall notify the 
                     District of its  decision.   The District shall either
                     issue a permit or deny a permit, based on the 
                     previously  approved burn plan and on the smoke 
                     management criteria described in Rule 7.5-1.

              2.   Accidentally  or naturally ignited fires which are 
                   allowed to  burn  on no-burn days must meet the 
                   provisions of Rule 7.3-D.

              3.   Accidentally or naturally ignited fires shall be logged 
                   and reported in accordance with Rule 7.7.

              4.   The burn plan for  accidentally  or  naturally ignited 
                   burns shall meet all the requirements of Rule 7.5-3, B.

                                              * * * * *