(Adopted September 19, 1991, Amended July 16, 1992, Amended December 17, 1992, Amended October 21, 1993, Amended July 21, 1994)

1.0 Purpose

This rule specifies emissions units which are not required to obtain an Authority to Construct or Permit to Operate. This rule also specifies the recordkeeping requirements to verify the exemption and outlines the compliance schedule for emissions units that lose the exemption after installation.

2.0 Applicability

This rule shall apply to any source operation which emits or may emit air contaminants.

3.0 Definitions

4.0 Emissions Units Not Requiring A Written Permit

5.0 Exemption List Significant Categories

The following source operations shall be exempt from obtaining an Authority to Construct or a Permit to Operate:

6.0 Compliance Schedule

The owner or operator of an emissions unit which was exempt from written permits at the time of installation, which becomes subject to the provisions of Rule 2010 (Permits Required), through loss of exemption, shall submit an application for a Permit to Operate within six (6) months from the date of adoption of this rule and shall not be subject to Rule 2201 (New and Modified Stationary Source Review Rule), until such time that the emissions unit is modified.