San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District


(Adopted 8/2/76; Revised 7/5/77; 1/10/89)

A. Open Burning

No person shall ignite, cause to be ignited, permit to be ignited, or suffer, allow or maintain any open outdoor fire within the District except as follows:

  1. A fire set by or permitted by a public officer, if such fire has been authorized by the Control Officer and is in the performance of the official duty of such public officer, and such fire in the opinion of such public officer is necessary for any of the following:
  2. a. For the purpose of the prevention of a fire hazard which cannot be abated by any other reasonable means.

    b. The instruction of public employees in the methods of fighting fires.

    c. Disease or pest prevention, where there is an immediate need for and no reasonable alternative to burning.

  3. Fires permitted by the Control Officer on property used for industrial purposes for the purpose of instruction of employees in methods of fighting fire.
  4. Fires authorized for agricultural burning for disposal of agricultural waste, as defined in Rule 105, Subsection A.3, and pursuant to Rule 502.
  5. Fires permitted by the Control Officer related to the use of farm equipment in agricultural operations.
  6. Any other fire permitted by the Control Officer for the performance of official duty of any public official, if such permission is given for the purpose of right-of-way clearing by a public entity or utility, levee, reservoir, and ditch maintenance, or the prevention of a fire hazard, which fire is, in the opinion of such official, necessary. Such authorization shall be predicated upon guidelines for meteorological data promulgated by the Air Resources Board of the State of California establishing the conditions of burning.
  7. The burning of dry leaves, weeds, shrubbery and dry tree prunings by occupants of one or two-family dwellings shall be permitted at designated times throughout the year subject to strict control by public fire protection agencies. This shall be effective in all areas of the County where City or other Local Ordinance does not prohibit such burning.
  8. Fires permitted by the Control Officer for the open burning of wood waste from trees, vines or bushes on property being developed for commercial or residential purposes. The wood waste shall be burned only upon property it was grown and shall be free of all material not grown at the site. All burning pursuant to a permit issued under this subsection shall comply with the criteria applicable to the burning of agricultural waste set forth in Rule 502 with respect to the condition of the material to be burned, its arrangement, methods of ignition, drying times and wind direction. In no event shall any burning under this provision be conducted except on those days designated by the California Air Resources Board as burn days.
  9. Fires used only for cooking of food for human beings or for recreational purposes. Such fires shall not include the burning of petroleum wastes, tires, tar, tar paper, rubber or plastics or any other highly polluting materials.
  10. Any fire if it can be demonstrated that nothing but carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide or water vapor is emitted under all operating conditions.
  11. Use of backfires to save life or valuable property pursuant to the Public Resources Code, Section 4426.
  12. The abatement of fires pursuant to Chapter 2, (commencing with Section 13205) of Part 1 of Division 12 of the Health and Safety Code.