Rule 33.2. Part 70 Permits - Application Contents

(Adopted 10/12/93)

A. Required Information

A complete application for a Part 70 permit shall contain all the information necessary for the Air Pollution Control Officer to determine compliance with all applicable requirements. The information shall, to the extent possible, be submitted on standard application forms available from the District. The following information shall be included at a minimum:

  1. Information identifying the stationary source.

  2. A description of the source's processes and products including any associated with an alternative operating scenario.

  3. Emission-related information, including all emissions of regulated air pollutants and EPA hazardous air pollutants for which the source would be subject to the provisions of subsections B.1, B.2 or B.3 of Rule 33, and all emissions of regulated air pollutants, emission calculations and all assumptions used in the calculations including process rate assumptions.

  4. Citation and description of all applicable requirements and description of or reference to any associated test methods.

  5. An explanation of any proposed exemptions from any applicable requirements.

  6. A complete description of any alternative operating scenarios to be included in the Part 70 permit.

  7. A compliance plan as required by Section B of Rule 33.9 and, if required, a schedule of compliance approved by the District Hearing Board.

  8. Compliance certification for the stationary source as required by Section C of Rule 33.9.

  9. For acid rain sources, nationally-standardized forms as required by regulations promulgated under Title IV of the federal Clean Air Act. (Reference: 40 CFR 70.5(c))

  10. For applications requesting the use of minor Part 70 permit modification procedures the following information shall also be included:

    a. A suggested draft Part 70 permit for the source that complies with the provisions of Rule 33.3.

    b. Certification by a responsible official stating that the modification meets the criteria for use of minor Part 70 permit modification procedures. (Reference: 40 CFR 70.7(e)(2)(ii))

  11. For applications for initial issuance or reissuance, a list of all emissions units located at the stationary source that are exempted pursuant to Rule 23 because of size or production rate. Such list shall not omit information needed to determine the applicability of, or to impose, any applicable requirement. (Reference: 40 CFR 70.5(c))

    The information required for a complete application is explained in more detail in "Ventura County Air Pollution Control District Guidelines for Part 70 Permit Applications."

B. Additional Information After An Application is Complete

If the District determines that additional information is necessary to evaluate a Part 70 permit application after the application has been deemed complete, the District may request such information in writing and set a reasonable deadline for a response. The District may deny the application if the applicant fails to supply the information by the deadline set by the District.

C. Supplementary Information

Any applicant who has failed to submit any relevant information or who has submitted incorrect information to the District shall, upon becoming aware of such failure or incorrect submittal, promptly submit such relevant or corrected information. In addition, any applicant shall provide additional information as necessary to address any requirements that become applicable after a complete application has been submitted but before a proposed Part 70 permit is released.

D. Certification by Responsible Official

Any Part 70 permit application shall be certified by a responsible official. The certification shall state that, based on information and belief formed after reasonable inquiry, the statements and information in the document are true, accurate, and complete.