Rule 3. Advisory Committee (Adopted 10/22/68)

A. The Air Pollution Control Board shall appoint an Air

Pollution Control Advisory Committee to advise and consult

with the Board and the Air Pollution Control District on

making and amending Rules and Regulations and such other

matters as the Air Pollution Control Board or Air Pollution

Control District may refer to it. The Committee shall

consist of the Chairman of the Air Pollution Control Board

as an ex-officio member and five to fifteen members who are

skilled and experienced in the field of air pollution

control. One to three members shall be appointed from each

supervisorial district of the County of Ventura.

B. The Committee shall select a chairman and vice chairman

and such other officers as it deems necessary.

C. The Committee shall serve without compensation but may be

allowed actual expenses incurred in the discharge of their

duties. The Committee shall meet as frequently as the Air

Pollution Control Board or Committee deem necessary.

D. In discharging their duties the Committee shall obtain any

technical advice needed, but any costs for such technical

services must first be approved by the Air Pollution Control