1. The Air Pollution Control Officer may give special permission for burning in case of imminent and substantial economic loss provide such permit does not conflict with State declared no-burn days or daily acreage allocations and will not adversely affect air quality over populated areas.
  2. Applications for special permits to do agricultural burning or range improvement burning on no-burn days or to burn within 3 miles of a populated area when the wind direction is towards the populated area shall, in addition to information required for regular permits, include information concerning the reason why a denial of a special permit would result in imminent and substantial economic loss.
  3. Special permits will be issued only when the following conditions are met:
  1. No special permits will be issued for any day on which it is anticipated the Federal ambient ozone standard of .12 ppm will be exceeded.
  2. No special permits will be issued to anyone, except for due cause, until the third day after a burn day or to anyone who has not used the previous burn day.
  3. No special permits will be issued to any person unless burning under the special permit will comply with all applicable burning rules.
  4. No special permits shall be issued when burning under such permit would adversely affect air quality over populated areas.
  5. The total acreage on any given day under special permits shall not exceed 10% of material allowed to be burned on permissive burns days during that period of the year.