ARB Miscellaneous Processes Methodologies —
Residential Fuel Combustion

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  7.1 Residential Wood Combustion

         October 2011 Methodology Update (PDF)  —  (view summary)

                — Appendix A, Detailed Tables (PDF)

                — Appendix B, San Joaquin Valley (PDF)
         July 1997 Methodology (PDF)  —  (view summary)

  7.2 Residential Natural Gas Combustion

         November 1998 Methodology (PDF)  —  (view summary)

  7.3 Residential Distillate Oil/LPG Combustion

 March 1993 Methodology (PDF)  —  (view summary)

The following districts have also provided methodologies. Click on each methodology to view.

  Bay Area Air Quality Management District

        Domestic Solid Fuel (Wood) (August 2001)

        Domestic Natural Gas (August 2001)

        Diesel Fuel, LPG & Liquid Fuel (August 2001)


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