District Miscellaneous Processes Methodologies - Managed Burning and Disposal

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Of the 35 districts, the following have provided methodologies. Click on each methodology to view. 

Bay Area Air Quality Management District
Incineration (August 2001)
Planned Agricultural Burning (August 2001)

Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District
Open Burning (October 2000)

San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District
Agricultural Burning (June 2008)
Range Improvement (September 2008)
Non-Agricutural Open Burning (May 2009)
Waste Burning Unspecified (May 2007)

In addition, ARB staff has developed the following default methodologies.
Agricultural Burning, selected areas (June 2005)
Attachments (zip file)
Prescribed Burns, SJV only (October 2006)
Wildland Fire Use (WFU) Fires (May 2006)

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