More Information on Areawide Source Categories

This page last reviewed February 11, 2013

The areawide source emission categories, which include both stationary and off-road mobile sources, are divided into four types of emission sources. Aggregated point sources are many small point sources, or facilities, that are not inventoried individually but are estimated as a group and reported as a single source category. Examples include gas stations and dry cleaners. Areawide sources include source categories associated with human activity and emissions take place over a wide geographic area. Consumer products and unpaved road dust are examples of areawide sources. Non-anthropogenic sources generally include source categories with naturally occurring emissions such as wildfires and geogenic sources. Off-road mobile sources include categories such as off-road equipment, like lawn and garden equipment, and recreational boats. Collectively, these types of sources are referred to as area source categories.

Areawide Source Methodologies
Emission Inventory