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This is the DOWNLOAD OPTION page. From the SPECIATION links column at the left of the page, you can also choose the INTERACTIVE OPTION, which allows the scanning, printing and download of all or selected portions of the data files.  The interactive option allows you to search/filter on a variety of data fields.

The DOWNLOAD OPTION allows access to the same information that is available from the INTERACTIVE OPTION pages, as well as some additional data.  The DOWNLOAD OPTION files use slightly different terms and data breakdowns from the INTERACTIVE OPTION.  Be sure and read the cautions on the INTERACTIVE OPTION and/or DOWNLOAD OPTION pages describing where the data definitions differ, before attempting to combine data from the two approaches.  You are probably best to work with one approach or the other, at least until you are familiar with the two sets of data.

The SPECIATION links column at the left of this page also provides background information describing how the speciation data were developed, what the terms used in conjunction with the data mean, and how the data can be used to calculate single compound concentrations from nonspeciated total organic gas (TOG) or particulate matter (PM) emission estimates. The WHAT'S NEW  link and the links under RECENT UPDATES allow you to see recent changes to the speciation profiles. The USING DATA link shows example calculations.  The SOURCE CODES link explains how the SCC and/or EIC codes are assigned to the speciation profiles.  These SCC and/or EIC codes are also assigned to the emission inventory, providing the link between the emissions and the speciation profiles.  The DEFINITIONS link explains terms used to describe the profiles and their chemical groupings.


The ARB's current PM and Organic Gas Speciation Profiles are available for download from this page as Excel spreadsheet files (PMPROF and

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