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Select inventory year, above, then: EITHER click on a RED master file for access to the entire master file, from which you can select portions of detail files; OR, in order to access an entire detail file at one time, click on a GREEN detail file (below red master files).  The search/filter method will work either way.
For additional information on the file structures, field descriptions, and how the MASTER-DETAIL files are linked, click the file name, below:
ORGPROF: info ORGSPEC: info SCCORG: info PMPROF: info PMSPEC: info SCCPM: info SCCLIST: info CHEMXREF: info


This page last reviewed May 10, 2016

Please be advised that this interactive data access tool is outdated and its contents were old.

Interactive Data Access: Main Page

This page provides access to the interactive option, which allows you to search/filter on a variety of data fields.  This page allows interactive access to most of the same data that are posted on the DOWNLOAD OPTION page.  As with the download page, you can use these interactive mode tables to download data.  For the interactive tables, however, you can choose to download (export as Excel or CSV (text)) the entire file, or just a portion of the file (even a single record), you can also choose to print the data.  These are VIEW-ONLY tables, and you will not be able to edit these tables on-line. 

Be sure to read and understand the information, presented below, on this page, before accessing the interactive tables.

  • SELECTION BARS:  The selection bars at the top of this page will be present on all the pages of this interactive site:
  1. Inventory selection bar:  The top selection bar allows you to select the inventory year to which the speciation profiles will be applied.  This is important, since, for some emission source categories, the speciation profiles applied to that category may change between inventory years.
  2. File selection bar:  The second selection bar from the top allows you to select the file(s) from which you wish to access data.  There are two rows within this selection bar.  The top row files are colored red, and are MASTER files.  The second row files in the file selection bar are colored green, and are the DETAIL files.  There are red linking lines running from the MASTER files to the DETAIL files that apply to them.  You will notice that there are repeat references for some files in the  DETAIL row of the file selection bar.  This indicates that these files are