What's New for the Speciation Profile Web Site?

This page last reviewed December 12, 2012


This website now allows selection from multiple "versions" of the speciation profiles. In December, 2012, a newer version of the profiles was posted, along with the version that had been previously used. Posting multiple versions allows more accurate comparative modeling. It also allows different sets of profiles to be posted for different uses. The two profile versions that are currently posted will be joined by additional profiles, in the future, for various purposes.  

Both the downloadable-file and interactive portions of the website now allow access to 2 complete profile versions. When you click on the "Change Version" selector, a table will open that will show the versions, and descriptive data. By clicking on the Version ID code (5 digit integer) you can change the version that is being displayed on both the downloadable-file and interactive portions of the web site.  

When you download data, the version will be indicated by a 5 digit integer code, which will be included in most of the available files. From the "interactive" portion of the website, both the version and the year can be selected. Be sure and note the year and version selected when you retrieve data frm the interactive portion of the web site.  

The download portion of the website groups years into files, so you just need to track the "version" when accessing the downloadable files.  

When new speciation profiles have been posted, they will be documented, below, in the RECENT UPDATES section, as well as on the REFERENCES web page.  

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12/12/2012 - Speciation profile versioning was added. This allows multiple profile versions to be posted and tracked (currently 2 versions). The previous profile set has been retained as Version 10000, and the new profile set has been posted as 10001.


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