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Power Plant
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Power Plant
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This web page contains the Air Resources Board's (ARB or Board) guidance perspective for permitting of natural gas-fired turbine power plant projects rated at 50 megawatts or greater. It is intended to promote consistency in the local air pollution control and local air quality management district's review of new power plant projects. In addition, an applicant may find this guidance useful when planning a project. Areas addressed here include emission control requirements (Best Available Control Technology or BACT), emission offsets, air quality impact analysis, health risk assessment, and other permitting considerations. ARB permitting guidance for electrical generation technologies rated at less than 50 megawatts can be found on the Distributed Generation web page.

Guidance Approved by the Air Resources Board on July 22, 1999

Proposed Guidance Update

At the time the guidance was originally approved, the Board directed staff to follow technology advancements and periodically assess the need to update the guidance. Since 1999, more new power plants have come on-line and lower emission levels have been proposed. Therefore, staff has identified a need to re-examine the guidance to include an assessment of technology improvements and lower BACT emission levels.

An amendment to the guidance is currently planned for release during 2003. Staff plans to solicit comments via public workshop prior to releasing a final document. Staff provided an overview of areas of possible modification during a combined August 3, 2001, workgroup meeting discussing the SB 28X electrical generating retrofit regulation and the power plant guidance update.

August 3, 2001 Workgroup Power Point Presentation - 609K

Low Emission Measurement Committee

California's recent activity in permitting new power plant projects with state-of-the art controls and ultra-low emission levels has raised questions regarding the ability to accurately quantify regulated pollutants using U.S. EPA, ARB, and local agency methods. As a result, the ARB has formed a Low Emission Measurement Committee (LEMC), comprised of people with expertise in emission measurement, to focus on measurement issues associated with the exhaust from new-generation gas turbines. The LEMC is investigating ways existing measurement methods can be changed to accommodate not only current emission limits, but future ones. In order to focus efforts, the LEMC is addressing low-level emissions on a pollutant-by-pollutant basis. Current work is being done on oxides of nitrogen (NOx).

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