Enforcement Advisory: #141: Cargo Tank Vapor Recovery

This page last reviewed March 3, 2009


Cargo Tank Vapor Recovery

Number 141

September 1996


The Air Resources Board is responsible for administering the gasoline cargo tank vapor recovery program. Health and Safety Code Section 41962 (G) provides that no person shall operate, or allow the operation of a cargo tank vehicle transporting gasoline and required to have a vapor recovery system, unless the system has been certified by the state board and is installed and maintained in compliance with the state board's certification and test procedure requirements.

The Air Resources Board has adopted new certification and test procedures for cargo tanks. The test procedures are CP-204, "Certification Procedure for Vapor Recovery Systems of Cargo Tanks", and TP-204.1, "Determination of Five Minute Static Pressure Performance of Vapor Recovery Systems of Cargo Tanks". Please read these test procedures carefully as they contain new annual leak-rate criteria for the certification tests of cargo tanks and other new requirements. These new certification and test procedures are effective irnmediately. Therefore, the next certification test for your cargo tank must be conducted according to CP-204 and TP-204.1. The methodology for conducting the tests remains the same except for the new leak-rate limits. A copy of the new test procedures is enclosed for your information.

The owner/operator of a cargo tank subject to annual vapor recovery certification may test and apply up to 60 days prior to their existing certification expiration. The owner/operator completes a Cargo Tank Vapor Recovery Certification Application and submits the completed form to the Air Resources Board with a fee of $20.00 for each cargo tank. However, due to the increased work load necessary to process applications which come in the last two weeks of the month, effective October 1, 1996, the application fee shall be $40.00 for each cargo tank application which is postmarked and received within 15 days of the expiration date. A copy of a revised Cargo Tank Vapor Recovery Certification Application is enclosed for your use. The new application reflects changes that have taken place and is intended to clarify the certification process. Please submit the completed form with the correct fee amount in order that your certification application can be processed timely.

Please note, the cargo tank owner/operator shall ensure that the Air Resources Board is notified at least 2 days prior to a cargo tank certification test in order that the testing may be witnessed at the discretion of the Air Resources Board.

If you have any questions regarding this advisory, please contact my staff at (916) 327-1524 or (916) 322-6950.

James R. Ryden, Chief
Enforcement Division
California Air Resources Board
Post Office Box 2815, Sacramento, CA 95812