Enforcement Advisory: #164: Abrasive Blasting - Legal Opinion

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Abrasive Blasting - Legal Opinion

Number 164

November 16, 1998


The purpose of this advisory is to clarify the time period that an abrasive certified for permissible dry outdoor use under Title 17 of the California Code of Regulations may be used. An abrasive which is sold by it's producer or vendor during the certified period is certified for use until it is gone. It is not required that the abrasive be used only during the period it is certified. A recent legal opinion on this issue is enclosed.

Section 92530 (e) of Title 17 of the California Code of Regulations requires that manufacturers and suppliers of certified abrasives permanently and legibly label invoices, bills of lading, and abrasive packages or containers with the manufacturer's name or identification trade name, the grade, weight proportion of components in abrasive blends, brand name of the abrasive or brand names and grades of components of abrasive blends and the statement "ARB certified for permissible dry outdoor blasting." These labeling requirements may be used by customers and inspectors to ensure that the abrasives being acquired and used are certified. Should an abrasive be mislabeled, the violation would be upon the party that did the mislabeling.

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Click here to view the 1998 Legal Opinion Regarding Interpretation of Abrasive Blasting Regulations memo.

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