Enforcement Advisory: #188: Gasoline Dispensing Facilities - Marconi (Gilbarco) VaporVac Phase II Certification

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Gasoline Dispensing Facilities
Marconi (Gilbarco) VaporVac Phase II Certification

Number 188

September 21, 2000


On July 12, 2000, the Executive Officer issued Executive Order G-70-150-AE which certified nozzles with "mini-boots" and internal check valves on the Marconi Commerce Systems (MSC), Inc. (formerly, "Gilbarco") VaporVac Phase II system. This action complies with the direction of the Air Resources Board at the March 23, 2000, hearing on Enhanced Vapor Recovery (Resolution 00-09) and addresses district's concerns regarding excess emissions due to excessive positive underground tank pressures.

The Executive Order requires that all new MSC VaporVac systems installed after August 1, 2000, use nozzles that incorporate vapor check valves and "mini-boots" and requires that the A/L range for all new systems installed after August 1, 2000, be 1.00 +/- 0.10. For both new and installed systems, the Executive Order directs the appropriate A/L be used with the listed components and nozzles.

Nozzles allowed with A/L 1.00 +/- 0.10  

Nozzles allowed with A/L 1.10 +/- 0.10

Emco Wheaton A4505  


Emco Wheaton A4500

Husky V34 Model 6250


Husky V3 6201




Catlow ICVN



The Executive Order allows for nozzle replacement on installed systems by phase-in of mini-booted nozzles. For nozzle replacement requirements, the Executive Order provides:

The MCS VaporVac has one vapor pump per fueling point (dispenser side). All nozzles associated with the vapor pump must be of the same type: either a mini-booted with a vapor valve ("mini-booted type") or a non-booted nozzle without a vapor valve ("non-booted type"). Therefore, if there is more than one nozzle on a fueling point, replacement of a non-booted type nozzle with a booted-type nozzle shall require that the A/L be adjusted to the lower range, and that all other nozzles be of the same type on the fueling point. Different brands of the same nozzle type may be used on the same fueling point; nozzles requiring different A/L ranges may not be used on the same fueling point.

Executive Order, G-70-188, "Certification of the Catlow ICVN Vapor Recovery Nozzle System for use with the Gilbarco VaporVac Recovery System," also meets the mini-booted nozzle and lowered A/L requirements for new systems and for installed systems that fully replace nozzles with the Catlow ICVN nozzle. For a phased-in replacement with Catlow ICVN nozzles on installed systems, Executive Order G-70-150-AE must be followed. For the Executive Orders and the complete requirements for these systems, see the ARB's website at http://www.arb.ca.gov/vapor/eo.htm.

For questions on this advisory, please contact the Vapor Recovery and Fuels Transfer Branch at (916) 327-0900.