Variance Advisories

This page last reviewed December 16, 2015

The California Air Resources Board publishes advisories on a regular basis to assist industry in keeping informed of regulatory changes and remaining in compliance with state regulations. This web page offers access to advisories that pertain to local air district variance programs.

03/14/95 117A

Variances from the Requirement to Install Air Pollution Control Equipment or Achieve Emission Standard/Limitation

11/01/94 116

Senate in State Law - Senate Bill 2680 - Product Variances

12/13/93 102

ARB Policy Regarding the Issuance of Retroactive Variances

12/21/92 91

New Legislation Affecting Variance Regulations AB 2781 and AB 3790 - SB 546 and SB 1728

03/08/91 63

ARB Variance Review Policy for Compliance with HSC Section 42352

12/03/90 60

Hearing Board Appoinments/Interim Authorization

11/22/88 31

AB2595 - CCAA - Hearing Boards

04/18/88 24

Brown Act Advisory

02/18/88 20

Legal Requirements for Variance Orders - HSC 42352

For further information or for a hard copy of a variance advisory that is not available online, please email Vickie McGrath or telephone (916) 324-7343. To sign up to receive notices of recently published advisories for the Variance Oversight Program, please visit our Variance List Server web page and follow the instructions to subscribe.


Variance Oversight Program