Service Station RVP Cases Settled for $3,000

This page finalized July 31, 2006.


Two service station cases were settled in November. In each case, the primary violation was caused by a failure to practice proper turnover procedures at the start of the summer RVP season.
In the case of a 7-Eleven station in Shafter, in which 7-Eleven paid $1,000 to settle the case, a Report of Violation was also issued to their supplier, Citgo because the noncomplying gasoline was pumped out and taken to another California 7-Eleven station. Although testing at the second station showed that the blend of the noncomplying gasoline with the heel in the receiving tank met the RVP standard, the regulation prohibits the transport of noncomplying fuel. Citgo also paid $1,000 to settle their case.
Jaco Oil paid $1,000 to settle their RVP violation at a Bakersfield mini-mart at which they sell gasoline.

Case Settlements