Advanced Healthcare Distributors, LLC, Atico International, and Noah's Naturals, LLC Case Settles for $3,000

This page last reviewed April 3rd, 2014.

Between 2008 and 2011, Advanced Healthcare sold and offered for sale in California Essence of Beauty Fragrance Oil diffuser products manufactured or supplied by Atico International. The Oil diffusers had no date code nor were an explanation of any code provided to the ARB. During the same time, Advanced Healthcare also sold Vickery & Clark Lavender & Vanilla Pillow Mist products manufactured or supplied by Noah’s Naturals that contained VOC’s in excess of the 6% limit for non-aerosol fabric refreshers. These products have been discontinued and Noah’s Naturals (Bdirect, Inc.) is no longer in business. Approximately 0.1 tons of excess emissions resulted from these violations. The case was settled on February 25, 2014 for $3,000.