Akerue Indusreies, LLC Case Settles for $5,000

This page last reviewed September 7, 2010

On June 10,  2010, Akerue Industries, LLC settled a Notice of Violation for $5,000 in lieu of litigation.  Akerue Industries, LLC manufactured SummerRite Grill-It-Kit, the Mini-Quick BBQ Grill-It Kit, and the Premium Grill Aluminum Charcoal Grill products for the Rite Aid Corporation.  These products contained instant light charcoal with a disposable grill and did not possess an Executive Order certifying the charcoal lighter material formulation as specified in the Consumer Products Regulations.  The Premium Grill Aluminum Charcoal Grill products were marked with a date of manufacture, but were not readily observable.  All “Charcoal Lighter Material” offered for sale in California must possess an Executive Order and must clearly display the date of manufacture.