$10,000 in Fines Paid by Allen Gas Truck Stop

This page finalized October 7, 2008


In response to a complaint, the Division of Measurement Standards (DMS) of the Department of Food & Agriculture sampled the diesel fuel at this truck stop in Chula Vista, California, on June 29, 2006.  DMS shared the sample with the ARB; analysis by our laboratory found that the diesel had a sulfur content of 5,156 parts per million (ppm) and an aromatic hydrocarbon content of 26.9 percent, both in excess of the cap limits.  ARB’s laboratory determined that the diesel did not conform to any known California diesel formulation, and appeared to have been contaminated by some unknown heavy, high-sulfur product.  ARB sampled the station on June 27, 2006, and found a sulfur content of 1,808 ppm and an aromatic hydrocarbon content of 21.95 percent, both still exceeding cap limits.  Although the owner of the station insisted that he had received no deliveries into the diesel tank between the time that the June 27 sample was taken and a second ARB sample was taken on July 1, 2006, the latest sample showed a sulfur content of 5,645 ppm and an aromatic hydrocarbon content of 27.56 percent.  The case was settled on May 15, 2008, for $10,000.