$270,000 in Fines Paid by Amrep, Inc.

This page finalized October 17, 2006


From 2003 to 2005, Amrep, Inc. supplied, offered for sale, or manufactured for sale in California 106,472 units of 12-oz. aerosol STP Throttle Body & Intake Cleaner that exceeded the volatile organic compound (VOC) standard of 45 percent for Carburetor or Fuel-Injection Air Intake Cleaners. Due to the fact that this was the second violation for Amrep during the past year, the company initiated a comprehensive self-audit to identify other potential violations. As part of that self-audit, Amrep reported additional sales of non-complying STP Silicone Spray and STP Carb Cleaner. The excess emissions resulting from the sale of these three non-compliant products were over 19 tons. Amrep, Inc. settled this combined case on March 20, 2006, and paid $270,000 in penalties. In addition, they committed to continue their self-audit process and report any additional violations which will be addressed in separate settlement agreements.

Case Settlements