$103,020 in Fines Paid by Amrep Consumer Products

This page finalized February 21, 2007


A new settlement agreement was executed with Amrep on November 20, 2006, as a result of their ongoing self-audit process initiated in conjunction with a settlement agreement signed in March 2006. Amrep, a contract filler of various aerosol and liquid products, reported to ARB staff in September that they had found additional violations of California’s Consumer Products Regulations resulting from the sale of non-complying general purpose degreasers, general purpose cleaners, crawling bug insecticides, flying bug insecticides, automotive wax products, double phase aerosol air fresheners, engine degreasers, bug and tar removers, carburetor or fuel-injection air intake cleaners. This new settlement agreement and the payment of $103,020 only address the violations that were self-reported in September. Amrep is continuing to examine their product lines and will self-report any more products they find in violation of the VOC regulations in the near future.

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