Antica Farmacista, LLC Case Settles for $5,000

This page last reviewed April 8, 2010

On May 9, 2009, a case was settled with Antica Farmacista, LLC for selling non-compliant Acqua and Orange Blossom Lilac and Jasmine Home Ambiance Perfume, as well as Pompelmo Room and Linen Fragrance.  These products contained a concentration of VOCs exceeding the 18 percent limit for (liquid/pump spray) Air Freshener category specified in Title 17, CCR, Section 94509(a).  This company did not meet Date Coding Requirements set forth in the Consumer Product Regulation.  Antica Farmacista, LLC has agreed to reformulate all their products to comply with VOC limits.  The company paid $5,000 in penalties to settle this case.