ARCO Cases Settled - $10,000

This page finalized July 31, 2006.


On February 8, 2000, ARCO's Los Angeles Refinery manufactured a batch of diesel according to their certified alternate formulation ARCO D-27, which specifies a maximum nitrogen content of 40 ppm by weight. ARCO's own release test showed the batch to have a nitrogen content of 44 ppm, but the batch was released anyway. ARCO attributed the violation to human error, in the form of oversight by lab personnel.
On March 23, 2000, ARCO submitted final notification of an import shipment of regular grade gasoline meeting a predictive model specifying an aromatic hydrocarbon maximum of 14.9 percent. Sampling revealed that the gasoline actually had an aromatic hydrocarbon content exceeding 19 percent.
The Office of Legal Affairs has settled both cases recently for a total of $10,000.

Case Settlements