$5,000 in Fines Paid by AVW Inc.

This page finalized March 20, 2009


Since January 2003, AVW Inc. has been supplying and offering for sale in California their Lube Job Super Penetrant, subject to the 50% VOC limit for Penetrants, Get Off All Purpose Cleaner, subject to the 4% VOC limit for General Purpose Cleaners, Get Off Gun Wash Solvent Degreaser, subject to the 50% VOC limit for General Purpose Degreasers, and Lube Job Gun Cleaner With High Grade Lubricant, subject to the 50% limit for Multi-Purpose Lubricants.  None of the products were in compliance with the Consumer Product Regulation VOC limits; therefore, the company was issued a Notice of Violation.  The case was settled on October 7, 2008 for $5,000.